About Us

MidOcean Energy is an LNG company formed by EIG to build a diversified, resilient, cost and carbon competitive LNG portfolio. It reflects EIG’s belief in LNG as a critical enabler of the energy transition and the growing importance of LNG as a geopolitically strategic energy resource.

EIG's LNG Experience


In LNG Projects*


LNG Transactions Globally*



*EIG has extensive experience in the global LNG sector having committed, signed or raised ~US$8.2 billion of capital across 13 projects/companies and 18 transactions over the last 21 years; as well as having pursued several large control transactions. EIG’s LNG experience reflects involvement in transactions related to LNG liquefaction, LNG regasification, LNG-to-power and LNG shipping infrastructure projects or companies including:

(i) ~US$2.7 billion of funded EIG commitments, as of June 30, 2023

(ii) ~US$0.5 billion of EIG commitments that were provided to Cheniere Energy for the Corpus Christi project in November 2014 and expired before being drawn. See press release: https://lngir.cheniere.com/news-events/press-releases/detail/130/cheniere-to-obtain-1-5b-in-financing-from-eig-for-the,

(iii) ~US$1.4 billion of EIG commitments that were ultimately funded with non-recourse debt financing raised by EIG at respective portfolio companies,

(iv) ~US$1.6 billion of EIG commitments related to EIG entering into a definitive agreement to acquire a 10% interest in Australia Pacific LNG Pty Limited from Origin Energy Limited. See press release: https://www.originenergy.com.au/about/investors-media/origin-agrees-to-sale-of-10-per-cent-interest-in-australia-pacific-lng-for-2-12-billion/,

(v) ~US$2.0 billion of capital raised by Prumo Logística (controlled by EIG) for Gás Natural Açu I and II LNG-to-power projects.